My name is Rocco Cinefra, I was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1968.
This website is online since march 2006 and it is aimed to display my passion for the travel, the nature and the photography.

My photographic adventure began in 1993, along a travel in Mexico. The wish to photograph raised up year by year, with peaks and lows, but mostly it raised up the passion for nature and wildlife. In particular, I started studyng the life of the bears and the wolves, animals wich I especially love.
In 2004 I left the old film technology and I moved to the digital one. I currently use a camera body Nikon D300s, with Nikkor and Tokina Lens.

I’ve been travelling from about 20 years around the world trough Europe, United States, Canada, Africa, Australia and South America with several and different emotions. The wonderful wild beauty of Italy can offer huge satisfactions and losing into the close Appennino Mountains, in between forests and elk, is still one of my biggest joy!

Some of my photographs have been published in american and italian magazines.

A special mention to my wife Paola.